How to Get a Deal on Your Sugarbush Lift Tickets

Sugarbush is one of those ski resorts where the one thing you want to try to avoid at all costs is paying the full-price window rate. Most skiers know that you can get a discounted price when you buy ahead of time. Some skiers, however, are under the mistaken impression that to get these discounts you need to buy your tickets days, if not weeks in advance. And to get the absolute price, this is often the case. But what some out-of-town skiers fail to recognize is that what this DOESN’T mean is that you can’t get a discount the day-of to the tune of 10%. And when a single-day lift ticket at the window can cost you $119 (or $129 during the holiday season), this is a discount worth taking advantage of. To its credit, the resort doesn’t attempt to hide that these discounts are available. From their main lift ticket page, you can find this type of basic advice and information.

If it’s your first-time, you’ll want to pick up your SugarXpress Card which makes it even faster and more convenient to hit the slopes. Once you’ve purchased your card, the rest of your trip this card acts as your lift pass, meaning you can buy your tickets online and head straight to the lift. This card is easily reloadable online, and purchases can be made through your phone, tablet, or computer. Now, keep in mind that when you do buy tickets weeks or even months in advance, you may be able to discounts as steep as 50%. Why do resorts do this? Mostly because these discounts are non-refundable. If you get sick, if your travel plans fail, if the weather and snowpack are awful, you’re still stuck with the bill. These types of disruptions are pretty uncommon, however. More likely the uncertainty comes down to whether over a period of a week, will you want to ski 5 days? 6 days? One popular strategy for planning and paying for a ski trip is to buy a certain number of lift tickets far in advance and then decide closer to the trip—or again even the day-of—whether you want to add one more day of skiing to the tip itinerary.

Use this link if you’re interested in how the rest of Vermont’s ski resorts compare to Sugarbush lift tickets in terms of price and overall value? You can also find deals and information about ski rentals in the state. Looking to round-out your trip planning with lodging. If you don’t already beeline toward the Airbnb option, we recommend this resource for finding the best options for Vermont ski hotels. Look, skiing isn’t cheap. Even when you do take advantage of these discounts, you can still end up with a fairly hefty price tag. But to simply put off buying lift tickets and then walk up to the box office is an unforced error for those who are looking for fair value out of their ski trip costs.

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