A Brief History of the Mad River Valley

Vermont is a beautiful state that is known for impressive ski resorts, beautiful landscapes, and bright colors all year, but especially in the fall. Mad River Valley is one of the most stunning areas in Vermont, categorized by the beautiful Mad River that goes through the area that was full of prosperity.

Localities Along Mad River Valley

The Mad River flows north through the valley where it passes towns that are known as Moretown, Waitsfield, and Warren. Fayston is also found in Mad River Valley, as well as parts of the town known as Duxbury. There are two ski resorts and various swimming holes found throughout as well.

History of Mad River Valley

The towns of Waitsfield and Warren were founded over 200 years ago, making this area truly rich in history. The towns along the area were extremely prosperous due to the rich farmland and the dense manufacturing history. There was a flood in the area during the 1920s however, which destroyed this prosperity; though it soon arose again through the popularity of skiing in the area.

Things to Do in Mad River Valley

Skiing is continually mentioned throughout this article due to the beautiful resorts found there. These resorts include Sugarbush Resort that has over 110 trails and Mad River Glen that has natural trails and beautiful views. Other activities include cross country skiing, outdoor adventures on dog sleds, farm tours, and swimming along the Mad River for all to cool off in during the summer.

The Mad River Valley is a beautiful location that you have to see for yourself. Visit the area in the winter to really experience the skiing that is offered. In the summer, you can relax by the river itself and take in the sun around you.

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