Getting Ready for your Vermont Vacation

Vermont is famous for its scenery, mountains, and widespread skiing availability. Sugarbush is itself legendary, with a colorful past and some of the best skiing in the area. However, preparing for your vacation is nearly as important as enjoying it. Before you pack up your skis and head to our beautiful neck of the woods, be sure to properly plan your trip.

Focus on your destination. If you’re reading this on our website, congratulations! You’ve already chosen your destination! Sugarbush Resort is one of the most welcoming destinations in the area—from kid adventures to experts-only ungroomed trails. While choosing us, you likely considered travel, cost, ability accessibility, and area recreation.

Book your lodging. This is where we can help you most. Our site spotlights several Sugarbush Resort lodging opportunities. When choosing the best accommodations for your needs, you should consider distance to the mountain, cost, amenities (do you need covered parking? Do you care about having an in-house restaurant?), and potential bundling options.

Book your lessons. When we travel to other ski mountains, we like to start the trip with a lesson. This is the best way to understand the mountain you’re about to ski; your instructor will have all the insider information you need to make the most of your time at the resort. Additionally, you should never pass up an opportunity to improve your skills!

Figure out your equipment. Travelling with skis and snowboards is rarely an ideal option. Luckily, the Mad River Valley has dozens of rental options available to resort guests. Don’t want to travel to another shop to rent? Sugarbush Resort has a rental shop of its own. Reserving equipment online and in advance is a great way to save money.

Once you’ve figured out these essential steps, the rest of your planning should come easily. Be sure to plan early and do your research; skiing is an expensive sport and looking in the right places could save hundreds of dollars.

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